Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Where did the first Monster go?

The last time Conn's first Sousaphone is seen, at least in my research up to this point, is in this photo from the November 1913 edition of C. G. Conn's Musical Truth (vol. 9, no. 13):

Image courtesy of Mark Overton at
 As we will see in future posts, this is not the Sousaphone that Richardson normally played in Sousa's Band, but looks very much like the one built in 1898 (shown below; note the valve section in particular).

Could it be that when Richardson visited the Conn factory to secure his new horn, as noted in the article above, that he found the very first Sousaphone there, and decided to try it on for size, having his photo snapped in the process?

The question is, where is that "Monster Sousaphone" now?

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