Monday, December 24, 2012

Anything you can do, I can do . . .

Not to be outdone by Conn's 50th anniversary Sousaphone (see post below), the Holton Company created its own oversized, ornately engraved horn. Well, okay, it appears that it was actually over 10 years later, in 1935, but one has to wonder if they were perhaps thinking of Conn's beautiful creation when crafting this mammoth Holtonphone:

Image found online here
According to a C. G. Conn website that is no longer online (but thankfully I had printed out a hard copy of the article), a page titled "Holton Donates Historic 'Holtonphone" to National Music Museum," reveals the following:
Ornately engraved and decorated with cast brass wreaths, ribbons, and a natural horn extending through a lyre, the mammoth "Holtonphone" was the company's largest Sousaphone model. The bell decoration features a large elk head with 12-point antlers. The 58-inch-tall, model 130 Sousaphone with a 30" bell was marketed in Holton's 1935 catalog as the "Revelation BB-flat mammoth Holtonphone, the size recommended for both band and orchestra."

The article also explains that this historic Sousaphone was donated to the National Music Museum (along with a lot of other stuff) in 2008, marking the 110th anniversary of the founding of the Holton Company.

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