Friday, April 14, 2017

My personal Sousaphone history

My relationship with the Sousaphone began way back at Meadow Park Elementary School in Torrance, CA, but I have yet to find any photos from that time - or from my time at Calle Mayor Middle School. So the pictorial history begins toward the end of my time at South Torrance High School (during which I also marched with an F. E. Olds & Son fiberglass Sousaphone in the marching band):

1978 or 79 - Playing in a German Band with some high school friends

1979 - Practicing with the USC Trojan Marching Band, during the fall of my freshman year

1979 - Playing "Tusk" with Fleetwood Mac at their concert at the Fabulous Forum in L.A.
1979 or 80 - Taking a break during the filming of "The Gong Show Movie" in Pismo Beach
1980 - Marching in the Rose Parade, and later the Rose Bowl Game
1980 - Marching to the Coliseum for a football game in the fall
1982 - Practicing with the All-American College Marching Band for the opening of the Epcot Center
1984 - Practicing for the opening ceremonies of the XXIIIrd Olympic Games
1984 - Performing at the opening ceremonies
1984 - Performing at the swimming and diving venue during the games
1984 - Taking a break at the swimming and diving venue
After 1984, not having access to a Sousaphone (or a tuba, for that matter), I did not play - that is, until the summer of 2012 (28 years later!), when I was able to see, hold and play the historic horn below. This is what triggered my interest in Sousaphone history!

2012 - With the so-called "Original Sousaphone" at the Interlochen Center for the Arts
2012 - Back at USC for homecoming (with a borrowed Sousaphone)
2012 - At TubaChristmas, Playing a 1927 Pan American Sousaphone that my son and I rescued
2015 - With Matt Walters and Steve Dillon, examining the very first Sousaphone
2015 - Practicing for a concert featuring the very first Sousaphone
2015 - Performing with the very first Sousaphone (courtesy of J. W. Pepper)

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